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small pellet

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Name:small pellet
     ITEM NO.        SIZE/MM     JETTING VOLUME        SHAPE
       型号        规格/MM        出气量         形状 
      ASC-777         70*5     7L/min±30%         Pellet
     ASC-89011         50*5     2.5L/min±30%         Pellet
     ASC-89012         40*5     1.3L/min±30%         Pellet
     ASC-89027         30*5     1L/min±30%         Pellet
     ASC-89031         20*5     0.5L/min±30%         Pellet

1. Fish farming in sea water and fresh water. 
2. Oxygenation for transportation of live fish and seafood. 
3. Cleansing in water fountains, waste water treatment in industry factory. 
4. Decorating the aquarium.