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     ITEM NO.        SIZE/MM     JETTING VOLUME        SHAPE
       型号        规格/MM        出气量         形状 


      132*20*5     11L/min±30%          Disc

1. Fish farming in sea water and fresh water.
2. Oxygenation for transportation of live fish and seafood.
3.Waste water treatment in industry factory, cleansing in water fountains.
4. Decorating the aquarium.
1.After doing the extrusion molding with special materials, the product is made at high temperature 1500℃.
2.Oxygen consumption is low and fusion rate is high, air spout even , bubble size of carborundum air stone is between 300-500 microns, the effect of white corundum and green carbon is better, whose bubble size is between 100-200 microns.
3.The flat design maximizes the outlet area of air stone.
4.Anti-acid-base,anti-ozone,It is eco-friendly.
5. There are four rubber wads at the bottom of air stone, which is to protect air stone from friction and extend
its useful life.