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     ITEM NO.        SIZE/MM     JETTING VOLUME        SHAPE
       型号        规格/MM        出气量         形状 
     ASC-666       40*210*5     24L/min±30%        Cylinder

1.Put the air stone into the water for 5 minutes before using.for better oxygen  replenishment
2.Then connect to air stone with pipes,put it into water steady.
3.It can be used longer with  regular cleaning
4.If not use for a long time, please clean it, dry it and keep in the shade. 
1.Cylinder air stone is very economical for its long time using ,it is made by carborudum sintered at high temperature 1500℃.
2.Air stone diffuses water in every direction,creating dazzling underwater scenes3.The flat design maximizes the outlet area of air stone.
3.It is anti-shock,anti-ozone and anti-acid-base.